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In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and...well, you know the drill.  Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.). The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun!

Writer's Block: Band on the run

Which song associated with musician Paul McCartney is your favorite, and why?

Too many to choose! Most if not all of them are so catchy. "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" is sort of the one on my mind at the moment, followed by "Jet."

Paul excels at writing great singable tunes with a great hook, and quirky lyrics. Fun stuff. :)

Writer's Block: Dynamite with a laser beam

What's your favorite line from a song, and why?

Too many to chose. I reserve the right to add to this later.

Badlands you gotta live it every day
Let the broken hearts stand
As the price youve gotta pay
Well keep pushin till it's understood
And these badlands start treating us good

--Bruce Springsteen, "Badlands"

It's getting hard to please 'em,
you're starting to feel the rub,
you know it isn't easy,
well, welcome to the club.

--Joe Walsh, "Welcome to the Club"
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Stolen from dexfarkin:

How many total songs?
4690 (there may be some stray non-audio in here).

Sort by song title - first and last?
First: "Abandoned Pit" - Michiru Yamane, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Original Soundtrack).
Last: "99%" - Soul Asylum, Grave Dancers Union.

Sort by time - shortest and longest?
Shortest: The Beastie Boys, "Oh My Goodness This Record's Incredible", Hello Nasty. (4 sec)
Longest: Led Zeppelin, "Dazed and Confused", BBC Sessions (Disc 2). (18 min 37 sec)

Comment: The short side of this list is dominated by spoken interludes between songs from movie soundtracks.

Sort by Album - first and last?
First: Abbey Road - The Beatles.
Last: 8 Mile (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture).
Comment: If this were by complete album, the last would have been Van Halen, 5150.

Sort by Artist - first and last?
First: A-Ha
Last: .38 Special

Top five played songs?
Comment: Owing to the fact that all of these tracks are on my playlist for my when my FFXI group runs Dynamis twice a week...
1. Hitoshi Sakimoto, "Clash on the Big Bridge (FFXII Version)", Final Fantasy XII (Original Soundtrack).
2. Kumi Tanioka, Naoshi Mizuta & Nobuo Uematsu, "Awakening", Final Fantasy XI (Original Soundtrack).
3. Prodigy, "Breathe", The Fat of the Land.
4. AC/DC, "Thunderstruck", The Razor's Edge.
5. The Doors, "Break on Through (To The Other Side)", The Very Best of the Doors.

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 31
Death: 13
Love: 254
You: 594
Home: 28
Boy: 226
Girl: 70

Thoughts about song lyrics

Although the wording changes on subsequent instances, the 1st chorus on "Roll the Bones" starts with, "We come out in the world / and take our chances…" It changes later to "come into," but considering all the gambling imagery in the song, the original phrasing is no fluke. In Craps, the first roll by a new shooter is called the "come out roll."

Not insulting the intelligence of anyone here. Just something I didn't notice until I started going to casinos and learning about casino gaming.

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Writer's Block: Brush with stardom

Have you ever stumbled across a celebrity in your daily life? Was it more or less exciting than you would have expected? Do you have any interest in meeting media stars?

I've met:

1.) Frankie Avalon at an FOP fund raiser at Colombo's down in South Philly.
2.) Dr. J at a driving range on City Ave in Philadelphia.
3.) Joe Piscopo, who was emcee at company Christmas Party for the conglomerate I worked for at the time. The bill for this party included Bill Cosby and Frankie Vali. No bullshit.